Our Team

Bo Huang
Principal Investigator

Rasmi Cheloor-Kovilakam
Rasmi C. K.
Postdoc (November 2019)
PhD, Indian Institute of Science

Rasmi is a microscopist, interested in building microscopes for biological applications. Currently she is building an epi-illumination light sheet microscope for fast volumetric imaging of cell lines in a parallel fashion over a cell cycle.

Emaad Khwaja
Emaad Khwaja
Bioengineering Graduate Student (June 2020)
BA, Hunter College

Emaad supports machine learning efforts in the lab. He is primarily focused on using attention models to integrate protein information within different information domains.

Daniel Foyt
Daniel Foyt
Bioengineering Graduate Student (June 2020)
BE, Hofstra University

Daniel is developing in situ hybridization based methods to study the transcriptome of single cells at scale.

Augusto Berrocal
Augusto Berrocal
Postdoc (September 2021)
PhD, UC Berkeley

Augusto is studying the role of phase condensates in gene regulation and cell differentiation.

Klaus Yserentant
Klaus Yserentant
Postdoc (September 2021)
PhD, Heidelberg University, Germany

Klaus is investigating how phase condensates of oncogenic kinase mutants activate cancer cell signaling.

Kibeom Hong
Kibeom Hong
Postdoc (September 2022)
PhD, KAIST, Korea

Kibeom is developing new tools to regulate protein phase condensates in the nucleus.

Kimmy Kuang
Yiming (Kimmy) Kuang
Staff Research Associate (November 2022)
BS, UC Berkeley

Kimmy is our lab manager and also helping with gene editing.

Former Members

Name Position Years Now At
Bryant Chhun
2010 - 2011Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
Tulip Nuwal
2010 - 2013
Intas Pharmaceuticals
Robert KasperPostdoc2010 - 2013Max Planck Institute
Wei ZhangPostdoc2010 - 2014Davinci Bio
Jörg SchnitzbauerPhD Student2011 - 2015IKEA Group
Ryan McGortyPostdoc2011 - 2015University of San Diego
Jeffrey HuSpecialist2012 - 2015USC Medical School
Aaron StreetsPostdoc2015 - 2016UC Berkeley
Daichi KamiyamaScientist2010 - 2016University of Georgia, Athens
Rie KamiyamaSpecialist2015 - 2016University of Georgia, Athens
Sayaka SekinePostdoc2013 - 2016Tohoku University
Harrison LiuPhD Student2012 - 2017Blue Matter Consulting
Wei Qiang OngPostdoc2012 - 2017Yale - NUS College, Singapore
Baohui ChenPostdo2012 - 2017Zhejiang University
Veronica PessinoPhD Student2013 - 2018Neurophotometrics
Rose CitronPhD Student2012 - 2018UC Berkeley
Megan StanleyPostdoc2018 - 2018UCSF
Bin YangPostdoc2015 - 2019Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
Shengyan JinUndergraduate2018 - 2019Yale University
Dan XiePostdoc2015 - 2019Applied Materials
Siyu FengPhD Student2015 - 2019Genentech
Alejandro RamirezSRA2017 - 2019Purigen
Xingye ChenVisitng PhD2018 - 2019Tsinghua University
Xiaoyu ShiPostdoc2013 - 2019UC Irvine
Juan GuanPostdoc2014 - 2019University of Florida
Yina WangPostdoc2016 - 2020Illumina
Shuqin ZhouUndergraduate2018 - 2020Tsinghua University
David BrownPostdoc2016 - 2020Hoxton Farms
Suraj MakhijaPhD Student2018 - 2021Scribe Therapeutics
Rachel RudlaffPostdoc2020 - 2021Metagenomi
Michael KellmanPostdoc2020 - 2021Zendar
Juliah Doh
Postdoc2020 - 2021Transition Bio
Aivy David
SRA2019 - 2022Mantra Bio
Struan Bourke
Postdoc2019 - 2022CellFe

Previous Visitors

NamePosition Year From
Liz DavenportExchange Student2011University College London
Shijie ZhaoVisiting Student2013Peking University
Yina WangVisiting Student2013Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Gail IzaguirreStudent Intern2013City College of San Francisco
Jing QiVisiting Student2013Shenzhen University
Ashley ChuiSRTP Student2014CSU Fullerton
Christian Covill-CookeExchange Student2014University College London
Zhiyu SunVisiting Student2015Tsinghua University
Huan HuVisiting Student2015Peking University
Danni ChenVisiting Student2015Shenzhen University
Anran LiVisiting Student2016Peking University
Yujie WangVisiting Student2016Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Xiaomeng WangVisiting Student2018Bates College

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